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Come join us...

We welcome high school and undergraduate students from local, national, and international schools to our lab and mentor them in conducting research and gain hands-on experience. We are also committed to STEM outreach and have presented at community groups, judged science fairs, demoed at science festivals, and talked at career fairs.

In addition, we partner with Caltech Classroom Connection to team with K-12 teachers. Together we develop clear, strong labs that emphasize the scientific method. We often use live Drosophila specimens and lead experiments to teach observational skills and enforce developmental and genetic concepts.


Previous Trainees

  • Miriam Sun SURF/undergraduate researcher 2017-2020 > currently grad student, Stanford Univ.
  • Mia Patzakis high school intern 2019-2020 Poly High School student
  • Mohamed Soufi SURF student 2019 - undergrad, Caltech
  • Hong Amy Chung VURF student 2018
  • Hee Won (Michelle) Park SURF student 2017 - undergrad, Caltech
  • Hong Joon Park SURF student 2015 -undergrad, Caltech
  • Song (Sophie) Ge SURF student 2015 -undergrad, Caltech
  • Ha Vu intern
  • Neal Desai SURF student 2012 undergrad, Caltech
  • Rebecca Chen SURF student 2011 > grad student, Univ of Delaware
  • Va Si visiting student 2010-2011 grad student, Caltech
  • Molly Lichten Westridge High School 2011 undergrad, Swarthmore College
  • Man Ho Wong SURF student 2010 student, Univ of Goettingen, Germany
  • Sarah Wadsworth undergrad 2007-2008 grad student, UCLA
  • Mario Roa undergrad grad student, Purdue University
  • Rebecca Scholz SURF student 2008 undergrad, Caltech
  • Tia Malcolm SURF student 2008 undergrad, DePauw University
  • Ransom Poythress undergrad grad student, Boston University
  • Jackson Wang SURF student 2007
  • Jessie Sun undergrad 2006-2007
  • Andrew Drysdale SURF student 2006
  • Fatih Kocabas SURF student 2005 grad student, UT Southwestern