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Angelike (Angela) Stathopoulos
Professor of Biology
261 Broad
(626) 395-5855

Campus Location:
261 Broad Center

Mailing Address:
1200 E. California Blvd
MC 114-96
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA 91125

Lab Phone:
(626) 395-5951

(626) 395-5958


We are part of the BBE Biology Graduate Program and are looking to recruit highly motivated individuals interested in developmental biology. Potential graduate students contact Prof. Angela Stathopoulos directly (email at left) to enquire about options for rotation projects.

WE ARE HIRING! 3-year Funded Postdoctoral position open to study how cell migration contributes to organ formation during Drosophila embryogenesis. In particular, we are interested in understanding recently identified signaling checkpoints that ensure that cells migrating to wrong positions are eliminated through a specialized programmed cell death "Anoikis".

Additional postdoc openings: You should hold or be working towards a PhD in a biological science, be highly motivated and have an interest in studying developmental biology. Projects with openings in the Stathopoulos lab involve (i) collective cell migration in organ formation (i.e. gut; see Macabenta, Sun, & Stathopoulos, Dev Cell 2022); (ii) optogenetic approaches toward regulation of protein function (see Irizarry et al., 2020); and (iii) reverse signaling by a novel transmembrane FGF ligand (see Stepanik et al., 2020). Candidates should send CV, include list of publications, a brief statement of research interests, and names and contact details for threes references by email (address to left).

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