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WE ARE HIRING! 3-year funded Postdoctoral position open to study how cell migration contributes to organ formation during Drosophila embryogenesis. In particular, we are interested in understanding recently identified signaling checkpoints that ensure that cells migrating to wrong positions are eliminated through a specialized programmed cell death "Anoikis".

Frank Macabenta and Miriam Sun's recent study highlighted on the Caltech website: The signals that make cells self-destruct.

Vince and Jingjng's recent FGF study is highlighted in Sept. 2020 by the Caltech Breakthrough campaign A Cellular Coincidence and more recently in Feb. 2021 as Biomedical Image of the Day: New roles discovered for growth factor called Pyramus in development.

Regulating the Rapidly Developing Fruit Fly
Caltech Press Release (Dec. 18, 2018) by Lori Dajose

Paper by Dunipace et al. is highlighted in Developmental Cell:

"Wheel of Fate"
Reeves et al. study is featured as a Biomedical Picture of the Day

"Development: Robust but responsive protein gradients"
Reeves et al. study is highlighted by Nature Reviews Genetics

The paper by Reeves et al. is highlighted in Developmental Cell.

"FGF signalling: keeping migrating cells on track"
The recent paper by Kadam, Ghosh, and Stathopoulos is highlighted by Development journal

"Snail enhancers step out of the shade"
The paper by Dunipace, Ozdemir, and Stathopoulos is highlighted by Development journal

Caltech Researchers Revise Long-Held Theory of Fruit-Fly Development
Caltech Press Release (Dec. 17, 2009) by Lori Oliwenstein

Development: Remembering Hedgehog
Nature Reviews Genetics 10, 740-741 (Nov. 2009) by Tanita Casci. The recent paper by Nahmad and Stathopoulos is highlighted in a short review paper

Cells in developing tissue consider their signaling exposure history to determine location
Caltech Press Release (Sep. 29, 2009) by Kathy Svitil

Embryonic Development: First Look At How Groups Of Cells Coordinate Their Movements
ScienceDaily (Dec. 23, 2008)

Complex dance of embryo cells filmed in new detail
New Scientist (Dec. 4, 2008) by Colin Barras


October 2023 Congratulation Jingjing, Cassie, and Fan on the publication of your single-cell RNA sequencing paper in Cell Reports. Phenomenal job and so proud of this work!

August 2022 Congratulations to Frank Macabenta on the new Assistant Professor position at Cal State Monterey Bay!!!

July 2022 Congratulations to Susie Newcomb on the new position as Assistant Director of Faculty Development at USC Center for Teaching and Learning!!!

And the winner is.... Frank! Can you guess which one is his? Hint - the one with Drosophila life cycle (egg, larva, adult). Oct 2021


Congratulations to Theodora Koromila on the new position! Moving to start her own lab at UT Arlington in 2022

Graduate student Jihyun Irizarry defends her thesis - July 2020. First through zoom! Congratulations, Jihyun!!!

First Prize in Celldance 2009 - The ASCB's Fifth Annual Cell Biology Video Contest
Professor Stathopoulos accepts the first place prize for the film "2PEF Imaging Captures Gastulation in Fly Embryos." Work by Amy McMahon, Willy Supatto, Scott E. Fraser, and Angelike Stathopoulos, Science (2008)

Amy McMahon wins 2009 Drosophila Image Award
GSA (2009)

What you do in between in situ wash steps late one night...
credit: Frank Macabenta